Thinking about death is hard, thinking about the decisions which have to be made is even harder.  Our startup of the month April, PatientientenverfügungPlus, provides a service to simplify decision making and to give security in unpredictable situations. Here are 10 questions to PatientenverfügungPlus!

1. What gave you the idea to found PatientenverfügungPlus?

We had a case in our family and I was personally confronted with what happens when someone cannot express his will anymore. No one is really prepared for such a family emergency.

2. Why did you found your startup, which problem do you address and how do you solve it?

Being involved with our family issue I realized from my first-hand experience that many people did not have access to good and affordable documents. Further, the threshold of actually preparing these documents is rather high due to the difficult topic, many wrong perceptions people have and the high costs in the traditional legal field. I then built to objectively inform people, offer high class documents and include connected services that support the entire live cycle on one platform, i.e. information about new developments, an easy way to update the documents, offering relatives and doctors immediate and 24/7 access to the documents.

3. What is special about your business-model, what are you doing differently?

We are connecting law with additional non-legal services and hence combining instruments on our platform that have not been connected so far, bringing to life a product that has not existed in the legal field before.

4. What was the most valuable advice somebody gave to you during your foundation phase?

Give your very best and don’t give up.

5. What was your greatest success so far?

Being rewarded the winner of Finanztip market checks since 2016 multiple times for the best product in the market.

6. Why are you on VentureZphere / Startbase?

We would like to reach out to interested parties who see the great value and benefit partnering with us brings for their users, e.g. in the areas insurance, finance, corporate health management, employee benefits. In such a B2B2C situation, PatientenverfügungPlus can be used in many ways, e.g. as a door opener, a customer rewards tool, a cost savings tool.

7. Where do you see your startup in 3 years?

We will be the leader in the field with sound partnerships.

8. If an Investor gave you 250.000 Euro, what would you do with the money?

We would directly go into the many low hanging opportunities to expand our business.

9. Who is the superbrain in your team and what is his/her superpower?

It is a team thing. Together we have great ideas.

10. Let´s say, you are the Governing Mayor of Berlin, what would you change?

Leaders on all levels need to understand better that the world transforms at a rapid pace and what it means for us as a country and economy. We should be open and support new developments that may be the source of a prospering nation in the future. The transformation may be hard now for existing business models but this does not justify not pushing this transformation. In fact, it brings about wonderful new opportunities. Maybe we can compare the current situation a bit with a living will: there is a natural threshold to rather not do it but once you have done it you feel relieved and are prepared for the future. Hence, we should not trying to defend traditional business models which will definitely disappear over time. The faster we adapt now the better in the long run to remain a leading economy in the world.

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